Weed & Brews w/ STL Hop Shop

Welcome back to another episode of Nina Talks! We got extra baked this episode so you'll probably wanna do the same. We officially titled the segments of the first half of show the Nerd Out and the Roll Up to help guide your listening and viewing. For this week's Nerd Out, we talked about some of our favorite villains and their character alignments. For our Roll Up, we chatted about weed and alcohol, and some of the experiences we've had drunk vs high. For our guest portion, we were joined by Justin & Ryan, the owners of the St. Louis Hop Shop. We talked about their journey opening the store, things they learned in the process, and we asked some great either/or questions before getting into our albums of the week. As always hope you enjoy the episode, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and become a Patron by clicking the buttons below!

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Albums of the Week