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Nina Coolery

Welcome to the season finale of Nina Talks! As we wrap up the season, we just want to say thank you to everyone that has been listening! Our season three release date is TBD, but rest assured, we'll be back. For our finale episode, we're joined by Benny & Moe, the faces behind the @politecoolery podcast, an amazing podcast also based out of St. Louis. In this episode, we talk about our respective podcast journeys, the importance of consistency, and different ways we engage in self care. Even though it will be a bit until we return, if you love the podcast, make sure to give us a five star rating on iTunes, or a like and repost on Soundcloud! See you next season!

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A Modern Renaissance!

Welcome to the season finale of Nina Talks! For our finale episode, we were joined by Rell and Sie, two creatives who have been present in the rapidly growing St. Louis art scene since its early days. Rell and Sie were able to shed some light on early figures and events that helped jump start the St. Louis art movement that many of us are part of today.

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