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N*gga Logic w/ Nowhere

In this month’s episode, we start by giving a shout out to the new season of Mob Psycho 100 and follow up with a conversation about the phenomena known as “nigga logic”. After the smoke break, we bring in Sir Eddie C and Zado of Nowhere to tell us more about the Nowhere collective, their personal styles and their musical inspirations.

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The Triumphant Return

Welcome back to Nina Talks, and we're excited to return! We hope this season we can encourage some interesting conversation, roll a few fat joints, and get to know a few people a bit better! Episode One starts with a review of our favorite anime series currently! Check out Attack on Titan, Boruto & My Hero Academia. We also spend some time reflecting on the lessons that we've learned in our journey developing Nina. 

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I Got Broads In Wakanda

Welcome to Nina Talks with your hosts Darius and Akeda, your new favorite Blerd podcast! Tune in every Thursday morning to listen to us discuss a wide range of topics from anime, to music, to tech and more! In our first episode, we give a brief intro of who we are and what Nina Productions is. We also talk about everything Black Panther related (SPOILER ALERT!!), including character portrayals in the movies vs in the comics, and predictions about the fate of Wakanda in the upcoming Infinity Wars movie. Enjoy!

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