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Tonina Talks

Welcome back to another episode of Nina Talks! For this episode's Nerd Out, we talk about big tech and its influence on society and culture. For our Roll Up segment, we decided to do a roll call of some of our favorite fictional/non-fictional black women for no other reason than black women are amazing. After our smoke break, we're joined by Tonina Saputo, a St. Louis singer, songwriter and bassist who has toured internationally and whose music was featured in a playlist curated by President Barack Obeezy Obama. Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Aw Sh*t, Space Foooorrrcceee!

Welcome to another episode of Nina Talks! In this week's episode, we do a grab bag of typical stoner convos, mainly centering around Mike Pence's recent Space Force announcement. In the second half, we were inspired by a Genius video to debate which label is better: GOOD Music or Young Money. We also talk about some of the other dominant rap cohorts on the scene, and as usual wrap up with our albums of the week.

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